Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Are you missing opportunities to close transactions by losing touch with your prospects?

Although newer forms of marketing are receiving much more hype these days, email marketing remains a cost-effective way to reach prospects, nurture leads, secure sales and promote loyalty. In fact, in a recent survey of marketers, 63% of indicated that email marketing generates the best ROI of any marketing method they have attempted.

When done properly, email marketing allows businesses to provide something of value to prospects or customers at each stage of the buying cycle. Some companies have success at generating leads, but they fall short when they fail to follow up with the prospect at each stage of the buying cycle by offering them valuable tips, insights and offers.

Let us help your business craft a plan to deliver the right message or offer to your prospects at the right time in the buying cycle via email. We’ll help you choose a contact management system, select an email provider, create attractive templates, segment your prospect and customer lists and develop nurturing and customer loyalty campaigns. Most importantly, we will help you evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign through analytics so that you know exactly which messages are reaching your customers and leading them to purchase your products or services.

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