High Voltage Marketing


When implementing an internet marketing strategy, a company must outline a plan for success, effectively execute those steps identified in the plan, measure the effectiveness of their efforts and finally, identify areas where improvement is necessary.

Surge Marketing Continuous Improvement


This philosophy of continuous improvement entails that the company strives to effectively prioritize their efforts, optimize their processes and make informed decisions based on statistical data and best practices.

Success in 3 ‘Clicks’

Surge Marketing advocates a holistic approach to internet marketing that combines best practices in all internet marketing disciplines.

We ascribe to an approach which brings success in 3 ‘Clicks’:

Light BulbStep 1:

As customers become educated about the importance of internet marketing, the concepts and ideas we suggest click and they collaborate with us to create a dynamic strategy to surge their business.

Aspects: Strategy, Branding, Analytics

Mouse ClickStep 2:

We help businesses attract customers and convert on sales opportunities. Eager customers click and interact with the businesses’ website.

Aspects: Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Local Optimization, Usability & Lead Generation.

SocialStep 3:

We show businesses how to retain past customers and engage with potential customers through a social network or a clique.

Aspects: Social Media Marketing, Customer Relationship Management & Email Marketing.